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Multihost/Multisite Markdown Hub and Frdlweb CMS/Framework Implementation. Single point of no godclasses in a file ;-) - The next World of Frdlweb and future Webfan Projects entry point...

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v0.0.1 (released: 10 months ago)

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dev-old-0-0-0 4 months ago 3f83cd21bd8badfd9a85b933c5f2647b0327289c 51.05 KB
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  • php: >=7.1 | >=8.0

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Webfat - Frdlweb CMS made easy!

Webfat is build on top of the Frdlweb Framework, made by Webfan Homepagesystem.

Its current status is ALPHA.

The code will change in future!


  • Set your webserver/webhost www-directory to the public directory
  • You can go with the step by step guidance as this project grows by just downloading ONE file.

Multihost/Multisite Markdown Hub for Frdlweb CMS

Place content files for example.com into userdata/sites/example.com as in the example code.

Building Flavors and Configurations

° Enduser Webmaster Developer
Audience - Who can use Webfat? A Enduser of an Webfat instance with WebfatHub, or someone using Webfat App/Browser. A Webmaster can run Webfat on his own host or webhosting, he can use and configurate his instance without handling any source code. This is the recommended Flavor* for the beginning so far. The Developer want to alter the source code and write his own module and implementations.
Building Flavor Webmaster [DEFAULT] Developer
Webmaster and Developer can select one of two kinds of "Building Flavor" the instance should prefer. This must be done in the .envfile or in .webfan.env or in .webfat.env. This option influences if you are Webmaster or Developer!!! The Enduser cannot set environment variables. Get the best Code without to be a programmer using the No Code Paradigma This option influences how Webfat compiles the application! If this enviroment variable is not set, it will be set to this value! Develop and compile the core and your custom modules on your own machine using Runtime Compilation This option influences how Webfat compiles the application! You have to set this manually!


There is a special as part of webfat: Inline Webmaker

Features Paradigma

Webfat will provide some special specs. implementations.

Runtime compilation


ID: weid:1-8-1-CCCI-5


Instead of installing a packaged version, we compile a composition of components on a per instance base. The installation may not be portable to another machine.

Frdlweb CTA Storage


ID: weid:1-8-1-CTA-1

Package: frdl/cta

Save data/files based on a content hash. Same data will only be saved once, saving disk space.


- Hashing algo is based on the checksum and content size (2keys)


ID: weid:1-8-1-CTA-1-XHASH-3

Package: frdl/cta

To reduce the possibility of collisions we store the hash along with the content-size.

- The CTA is payload is chunked by chunks of the same size


ID: weid:1-8-1-CTA-1-CHUNKED-4

Package: frdl/cta

Files/content is saved into chunks of the same size/length.

Central Codebase - Client


ID: weid:1-8-1-RC-DSC-CLIENT-0

Package frdl/remote-psr4

Load code from an API "on the fly" when needed.

No Code - Config only


ID: weid:1-8-1-NCCD-3

Compliant to User Data Manifesto 2.0 and considering security issues, we store ONLY DATA on the userlevel (e.g. html, xml, json, md, ...) NOT bound to any implementation code. Compliant to Config-Only-API (?) and compliant to User Data Manifesto 2.0 and considering security issues, we allow/request/expect any modification on the instance level (e.g. theme, sitesettings, plugins and modules) ONLY BY API/INTERFACE. The instance level is meant to be any "installation" or instance of the NCCD Software (CMS, API, ...), this is where we do NOT DO HAVE ANY CODE ISSUES: This is deligated to the scope of the SaaS-Codebase-Provider and could be done via local shares or remote shares of source code.

Twelve Factor Application


ID: weid:1-8-1-12FACTOR-7

If however possible, Webfat follows the Twelve Factor Application Development Paradigma.

  • I. Codebase One codebase tracked in revision control, many deploys
  • II. Dependencies Explicitly declare and isolate dependencies
  • III. Config Store config in the environment
  • IV. Backing services Treat backing services as attached resources
  • V. Build, release, run Strictly separate build and run stages
  • VI. Processes Execute the app as one or more stateless processes
  • VII. Port binding Export services via port binding
  • VIII. Concurrency Scale out via the process model
  • IX. Disposability Maximize robustness with fast startup and graceful shutdown
  • X. Dev/prod parity Keep development, staging, and production as similar as possible
  • XI. Logs Treat logs as event streams
  • XII. Admin processes Run admin/management tasks as one-off processes